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Deploying Workday: Transforming The Employee, Manager, And Operations Experience

Companies that are just starting out may not be able to make an up-front investment in technologies that support operational tasks and employee inquiries.


Companies that are just starting out may not be able to make an up-front investment in technologies that support operational tasks and employee inquiries.

Most organizations opt to hire operations staff to support the business; but in the long-term, this model does not scale without the need to continue to add operations headcount as the business grows. In this state, the team’s focus would be keeping the lights on versus helping to strategically grow the business.

Within the first ten years of its existence, our client, CrossCountry, has built a world-class operations team that delivers high-touch customer service to their employees. However, this team must also spend time processing data and answering basic questions, time better spent on more value-add assignments.

Managers work with the operations team to transfer someone to a new department, or request a bonus or compensation change for an employee. Human Resources (HR) receives those requests verbally or through email, and manually enters the change into the impacted systems on behalf of the manager.

Conversely, employees rely on the operations team for a wide range of requests (e.g., pay stub, PTO balance, benefits, etc.), who work hard to be responsive with existing tools and systems that have limited self-service functionality.

Common Challenges

  • Managers are frustrated at not being able to see key HR data about their team
  • Employees are discouraged by the lack of self-service and potential bottlenecks in processing requests
  • Operations is working on tactical tasks versus strategic growth of the business

How Workday Can Help

Workday will transform CrossCountry’s employee, manager and operations experience.

With Workday, employees will be able to access their profiles through their laptop or mobile device from anywhere in the world and initiate updates themselves – which can then be automatically processed or routed for approval – as well as view and download their paystubs, W-2s and benefits information.

In turn, managers will also be empowered with information about their team – such as skills, performance reviews and job assignments – and can initiate transactions such as transfers and compensation increases. They will have actionable information at their fingertips and will be able to track their requests to completion as they move through the approval process.

Ultimately, instead of entering information into multiple systems each time a change is requested, HR will have the ability to focus on reviewing and approving actions initiated by employees and managers. This means that they will have more time to focus on activities to help strategically support and grow the business, as well as learn new skills to enhance their own professional development and satisfaction.

Future State with Workday

  • Employees and managers feel empowered and have access to the right information at the right time
  • Operations headcount scales strategically with business growth
  • Operations team able to focus on strategic work rather than transactional tasks, which benefits the firm and their own professional growth and development

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