Donors, Dollars, and Data: Enhancing Nonprofit Financial Stewardship

An executive summary of a joint thought leadership report with Workday

Nonprofits face the dual challenge of meeting increasing service demands while competing for donor dollars. In a recent thought leadership piece from Workday and CrossVue, we highlight how adopting cloud-based ERP technology such as Workday is vital for streamlining operations and strengthening financial health. That’s because Workday helps integrate financial, people, and CRM data, enabling real-time insights and informed decision-making, and ensuring organizational agility in response to changing conditions.

Despite recognizing the need for improved technology, nonprofits often struggle with siloed systems and disparate data sets. However forward-thinking organizations are embracing Workday to optimize financial management, as well as using it to help enhance donor relationships by fostering transparency and trust with timely, accurate reporting on the impact of their dollars. By automating administrative tasks, organizations can also free up staff to focus on donor relationships, driving fundraising success.

The report highlights The Alzheimer’s Association’s adoption of Workday, which underscores the transformative impact of modern technology on nonprofit financial operations. By consolidating systems and automating processes, the organization has achieved significant efficiencies and improved transparency, ultimately strengthening donor relationships and advancing its mission.

In conclusion, cloud-based ERP technology is mission-critical for nonprofits seeking to enhance financial stewardship, build donor trust, and achieve greater impact. Embracing Workday can help nonprofits to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

We invite you to read more in our joint thought leadership report with Workday; Donors, Dollars, and Data: Enhancing Nonprofit Financial Stewardship.