CrossCountry Consulting Announces Spin-Off of Workday Practice into Standalone Technology Company CrossVue 

Press Release Announcement

CrossVue’s functional and industry expertise will enable organizations to achieve long-term strategic objectives and improve day-to-day efficiencies  

MCLEAN, VA – CHICAGO, IL, April 26, 2022 — CrossCountry Consulting, a leading business advisory firm, today announced a spin-off of its Workday practice into a standalone company, CrossVue, dedicated exclusively to the Workday ecosystem.  

As a full-service Workday deployment partner, CrossVue will remain committed to providing exceptional Workday services and solutions to drive business transformation. CrossCountry will continue to deliver business advisory and technology solutions that enable companies to transform operations, minimize risks, and achieve future growth. 

Backed by RLH Equity Partners, CrossVue will further develop its position in the industry with a powerful go-to-market strategy led by CEO Jill Jones, CrossCountry’s former Workday Practice Lead. As a contemporary consulting firm that provides the blueprint for modernizing client operations and processes through Workday, CrossVue will continue to provide advisory, deployment, and post-production support to clients throughout a wide range of industries including medium to large enterprise, healthcare, financial services, private equity, and nonprofit.  

“Over the past 11 years, we’ve built a strong reputation for being fast and nimble in order to reach our goals and to serve our customers,” said Erik Linn, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of CrossCountry Consulting. “Today’s announcement clearly marks another significant accomplishment in our firm’s history, and we look forward to continued growth and success across our advisory services and technology solutions.”  

He added: “Both CrossCountry and CrossVue will continue our strategic relationship and partnership as we utilize the complementary strengths of both firms to support our clients.” 

“This is a unique opportunity to combine the legacy, scale, and scope of a well-established business while capturing the entrepreneurial energy of a new firm to better serve clients,” Jones said. “Our culture, core values, and people-centric approach are anchored on the foundation that was built at CrossCountry.”  

“I am excited about the future of CrossVue as its own independent company,” she added. “We will continue to strategically partner with Workday and forge a new path of innovation and services for our clients.” 

CrossCountry’s Advisory business has a demonstrated record of excellence and performance over the past 11-years. The strategic focus on advisory and technology-enabled solutions will position CrossCountry to continue to capitalize on favorable industry trends, better serve its clients, and enhance its growth. 

CrossCountry Consulting is a trusted business advisory firm that provides comprehensive solutions encompassing business transformation, technology, accounting, risk, and cybersecurity. We partner with our clients to help them navigate complex business challenges and achieve goals related to improving operations, minimizing risks, and enabling future growth. For more information, visit 

CrossVue is a contemporary consulting firm providing the blueprint for modernizing client operations and processes through Workday. As a leading Workday advisory, deployment, and post-production support firm, we drive critical results for our clients and help them reach their transformation goals through the Workday platform. For more information, visit